Shop Now  Event Calendar Climbing Earrings go ...   About Us These earrings are often called climbing, sweep, vine or pin style.  You wear them as shown by inserting the long back pin through a single ear hole and rotate the earring up the curve of the ear. They can also be worn down as a standard drop style.   We use: Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Filled Wire Swarovski Crystals Exclusively and other Quality Beads.   from $20. Website created and maintained by  Mindstorm, LLC click on images to enlarge   click on images to enlarge   All information and photographs contained herein are the sole property of  Copyright    2012.  All Rights Reserved. Earring shown with optional Dangle, available in matching colors. Makes a great gift for those gals that have everything.  How to Put On your Climbing Earrings (Play video below.) FAQ’s Contact ©